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Secret School tumblr!

Secret School is a platform to share renegade strategies of education. In this form, it was inspired by a precocious student who made the difficult decision to drop out of university and learn from the world. I told him my stories of sneaking into lectures at a very fancy school and thought other people might want to know these strategies as well and have ones of their own to share. So I ask you to help me with this huge task of imagining a new curriculum out of our vast resources from all over the world and universe. In short, what would you want a young person to learn today and how? Submission are open.

A disclaimer: Some of these bits of advice are ethically problematic. I welcome debate around them. I urge you to find your own philosophy and hope that your practice does not hinder the happiness, safety, and liberty of others.

Also, keep in mind that some of these strategies are secret and are only effective when kept that way. Loose lips sink ships!

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